/-\®T i$ |\/|¥ P@$$ion

“Art is not what you see,it is what you make others to see!”  Everyone is creative in their own way but people do not show it or do it due to many other reasons. I do only two things when I freak out  in or when I’m upset,i either write or draw. “Creative people are curious,flexible , persistent and independent with tremendous spirit of adventure & a love of play”. 

I started doodling and drawing since my childhood.I don’t want to call myself as an artist even because I might not be a professional one,but i just wana be creative and spread happiness through my art!The goal of my arts is to try and make a masterpiece each and everytime, i might fail to produce a masterpiece, but i satisfy my soul at the end of it.The reason i started this blog is to display all the arts i draw and some of my favourite artists i visit regularly through Instagram and blogs!!

“Every artist dips her brush in her own soul ,and paints her own nature into her pictures”.