Faded leaves 

​ Every leaf gets faded at some point of time ,that doesn’t mean that the tree is dead! In the place of every leaf ,a new leaf arises ;same with life if an opportunity is gone,do not worry ,there will be many opportunities will be waiting for you,the only thing is to grab the one! Art by: … More Faded leaves 


“People without the knowledge of thier past history,origin and culture is like a tree without the roots!”                                -Marcus Garvey This is a great quote ,people should know their own culture,and the history they originated from because it makes people to … More Omkaram


“Even a vigorous person might fail to look things in a different way as a little child perceive!Everyone will have vision,its all about percipience!!” Art type :Pencil Rendering Art by : Sasha $@$#@

Passionate Art

I started this to draw with passion amd thought it to be something and tried, it came out with a slight difference. It took me total 3 hours to draw! Not all the paintings,pencil sketches will come out as i expected in the start of it! This is in response to Weekly Discover Challenge minding the … More Passionate Art

Tear Drop

“A drop of tear falling down the cheeks reveals the utmost pain in heart!”. You can follow this artist on Instagram! Art by : Chris Gomez Art type: Pencil Sketching $@$#@


Music is the best pain healer for mind and soul! Art type: Zentangle Art  Art by : Sasha $@$#@

Rainy day

Rain drops and an umbrella to hold with  water that touches the feet gives a chilled feeling which will rush from inside! Art type: Zentangle art Art by : Sasha $@$#@

Beach girls

Amazing master piece by Olivia Eldrige. Find her on Instagram as artistic.addict! Art type : Painting Art by : Olivia Eldridge $@$#@


Dolphins are the cutest creatures.I personally love them so much.Here is one of my dolphin arts.. Art by : Sasha Art type : Zentangle art $@#$@


Master piece by Shachi Srivatsava. You can find her art on Facebook and Instagram. Art by : Shachi Srivastava Art type : Acrylic painting with Zentangle art $@$#@

True Love

Love is not what you hide in heart,it all about how you elicit through your words. It increases with the amount you express it out! Art type: Pencilsketching Art by :Sasha $@$#@