Broken heart💔

“Every person will experience this at certain age. Crossing this path of life will make a person better and stronger than what they were!”

Art by : Sasha
Art type : Zentangle art



20 thoughts on “Broken heart💔

  1. hmmm Yeah You Are right am Experiencing it at this point of my life when i have to build my carrier its very sad that its not that easy to deal with it, but trying my best… 😦
    Pain makes You Stronger, Fear makes You braver and Heart break makes you Wiser… 🙂

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    1. Yeah true Vinayak! believe me everyone experience this at some point in their life…without heart break,you will never know the value of true love..take time and deal with it…i know it’s tough , but you are the only person who can support yourself and heal the pain!

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      1. Yeah true! There wilk be times where we scold even god,life… but trust me ..that’s all part of life…you just help yourself n be yourself,no natter what! Life will be obviously better someday!!

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      1. You are a very kind person. I’m very close to have 1000 followers. I’m thinking about doing what you did to post other bloggers’ link as my way of thanking them! I’ll come over to look again of how you did it. I think I have about a week to reach the number!

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      2. Thanks for the words!Like what you Wana do exactly Miriam? Visiting each blog and telling thanks? that’s so much time taking i guess! Anyway congrats for reaching close to 1000🙂

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