Echo of love

“Only people who are in true love will understand the echo of each other’s heart!” Art by :Sasha Art type : Pencil Sketching $@$#@


“Even a vigorous person might fail to look things in a different way as a little child perceive!Everyone will have vision,its all about percipience!!” Art type :Pencil Rendering Art by : Sasha $@$#@

Tear Drop

“A drop of tear falling down the cheeks reveals the utmost pain in heart!”. You can follow this artist on Instagram! Art by : Chris Gomez Art type: Pencil Sketching $@$#@

True Love

Love is not what you hide in heart,it all about how you elicit through your words. It increases with the amount you express it out! Art type: Pencilsketching Art by :Sasha $@$#@

Rose flower

A rose is meant for its beauty and it’s rich aromatic flower.A person who sees thw rose admires the beauty of it,but no one notices the thorns.Life is even the same where we have the rose petals,we have thorns too.One should see both and proceed with life. A rose’s life span is short,but beauty of it is … More Rose flower

Peacock Feather

“It’s better to make our hands filthy by doing something,than keeping clean by doing nothing!” Artist : Sasha Art type: Pencil Sketching $@$#@